• Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze-sea food premium restaurant.

Ocean restaurant
Pleasant melody

Sea Breeze is a seafood restaurant with an aquarium. A new restaurant concept, with the best services. Opening soon.
Services offered by the restaurant

Premium price
at the Sea breeze restaurant you can feel like the king or queen of the island
Signature dishes
signature dishes prepared with the best chefs

A large selection of wines that go well with seafood
the rarest wines are served
Seafood restaurant interior
In our restaurant you will find a large number of seafood that you will not be able to forget for a long time. and our interior will not leave guests indifferent
The restaurant employs the best chefs who will open your love for seafood.
"happy hours" discount food -20%
working days 12:00-16:00
To birthday people-10% discount
For booking
Ways to contact us

Contact number : +77475601465
Our address :Terrenkur
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